A Story of Transformation

Andrue (“Drue”) Didyavong is an Asian-Pacific Islander young man who lives in the inner-city community of southeast San Diego. He attended Morse High School, played football, and participated in UYC’s ministry for three years. Drue’s father went to prison before he was born and has been there all his life. Yet Drue could see his heavenly father pursuing him. 


Drue got a scholarship to attend FCA camp at UCLA for two summers. He subsequently completed two rigorous seasons of after-camp discipleship and became a leader at his school’s student led outreach Bible club. “It was one of the best experiences of my life,” he recalls, “teaching me that school and God can be intertwined.” As a new freshman at SDSU this fall, he joined our team of adult leaders to take his friends through the same discipleship lessons he completed. The curriculum covers creation through urban apologetics from a Biblical perspective. Drue has multiplied himself and can see his friends changing in the process! 


As a young entrepreneur, Drue launched a Christian apparel company called AG2G (All Glory to God). Thanks to his vision, teenagers in southeast San Diego’s schools are wearing clothing that represents Christ instead of a gang affiliation. 

On top of all that, Drue recently joined UYC’s comprehensive 9-month internship program for college students interested in developing their ministry gifts. His long term goals are to become a Christian businessman and plant a church in the neighborhood where he lives! 

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