John Ferreira is in love with Jesus! He was married to his beautiful wife Michelle in May of 2013 and is the proud father of two incredible kids named Knox and Olive.  Knox was born in March of 2016, and Olive was born in June of 2018. He was born and raised in San Diego and attended Christian High School.  He is passionate about all things health, physical fitness, sports, history, leadership, and reaching a youth generation for Christ. He gave his life to Jesus when he was 21, after studying for two years and playing football at Azusa Pacific University. He dropped out of school at that time and hit a low point in his life. He ended up meeting a local youth Pastor at a wedding on the dance floor, who eventually challenged him to give God a summer of his life. John spent a summer in Ghana Africa and hasn’t stopped running with Jesus since. He has had the opportunity to do missionary work since in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Thailand. He went through a nine-month discipleship training school called the School of Transformation, through All Peoples Church, and has been attending since 2011 and serving in their youth ministry since 2016. He started volunteering with UYC, serving as a football coach, and helping to run a campus club at Crawford High in 2013 and has had the privilege of working on staff full time since January of 2015.​


John Ferreira

P.O. BOX 124708 San Diego, CA 92112

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